NaloxBox Standard

NaloxBox Standard units are durable, transparent surface mounted

enclosures that provide a solution to protecting and providing access to

lifesaving naloxone in an easy to recognize cabinet complete with

overdose recognition and response cards as well as a

CPR barrier device for rescue breathing.


*Please note, NaloxBox Standard dose not ship with naloxone.

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•Clear UV-stabilized polycarbonate cover.
• Design allows for visibility at any angle.
• Includes thumb lock for ease of access. Additional
eyelet can be used for secondary padlock or safety seal.
•Fast and easy installation with mounting hardware and
gasket included.


• Rescue breathing barrier device included in NaloxBox units contains alcohol pads and gloves.

• Multilingual (English/Spanish) instructional tear off guide onhow to recognize and respond to a suspected opioid overdose.

• 14.2 in H x 12.2 in W x 6.44 in D Weight 15lbs.

NaloxBox Smart (coming soon)

NaloxBox Smart units provide a smart solution to public access
naloxone and opioid overdose response tools. The Smart units allow for
the online monitoring and management of your organization’s NaloxBox
units. Smart units provide data on box temperature, notification of latch
openings and allows for the management of box contents
including medication expiration dates.
*Please note, NaloxBox Smart dose not ship with naloxone.

• Includes all the components of NaloxBox Standard.
• Smart Technology that monitors box temperature,
latch openings and expiration dates.
• Text and Email alerts to customer managed contacts
for latch openings.
• Maintenance mode for replacement non-alarmed openings.

• Email notification to customer contacts regarding upcoming
expiration dates.
• Access to online box monitoring interface.
• LED Lighting.
• Requires access to electrical outlet.
• 14.2 in H x 12.2 in W x 6.44 in D Weight 15lbs.

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