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Rescuing opiate overdoses one box at a time



What is NaloxBox?

The NaloxBox mission is to improve the capacity of bystander rescuers of an opiate overdose to save a life by strategically placing these innovative smart cabinets in settings most in need of quickly accessible, public use naloxone. 

Each NaloxBox is designed to accommodate up to 4 doses of the potent antidote for opiate overdose named naloxone (brand name Narcan®), and is equipped with a mask for giving rescue breaths, gloves, and information on how to obtain personal naloxone and how to access addiction treatment. 

Our Collaborators

We collaborate with individuals and agencies who teach opiate overdose recognition and rescue, distribute naloxone, and link individuals to recovery services. To date NaloxBox has worked with such collaborators and community agencies and municipalities to install 41 NaloxBoxes with trainings throughout Rhode Island. In-state demand now exceeds our supply of 41 additional NaloxBoxes, and there is demand for NaloxBoxes from 7 states and Ottawa.

NaloxBox has no funding beyond the Rhode Island Department of Health mini-grants that supported the design and construction of these first 82 units (plus two demos). NaloxBox has submitted grants to scale its approach, and is exploring other ways to support its mission. 

Facilities in Rhode Island that have installed NaloxBoxes include: Amos House (Providence), McCauley House (Providence), House of Hope (Providence, North Providence and Pawtucket), Pawtucket Housing Authority (Pawtucket), Nine Yards (Providence), Open Doors RI (Providence), West Warick Health Equity Zone (West Warwick), Lucy´s Hearth (Middleton), RI Department of Health (Providence), Providence City Hall and Dooley Municipal Building (Providence), Crossroads (Providence), Mosaic House of the Providence Center (Providence), and Woonsocket Public Library (Woonsocket). 

Mapping of all installations ( provides the opportunity for anyone to locate the nearest community-access NaloxBox, and potentially, in the future, will enable 911 dispatchers to direct rescuers the nearest NaloxBox while they await the arrival of an ambulance.

Prevent Overdose RI is an initiative of the Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force, in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH), the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH), and Brown University School of Public Health

Our work would not be possible without the partnership of Michelle McKenzie and the PONI program of Miriam Hospital in RI, who generously stocked naloxone and trained staff and clients with us. Now Erin McDonough of NOPE-RI and BHDDH are furnishing intranasal naloxone for more public-facing installations. AnnaJane Yolken of Protect Families First is doing great work in training and supplying RI libraries and now is collaborating with NaloxBox.

 NaloxBox believes that the joint actions of passionate collaborators will save lives.


NaloxBox Contents

There are two types of NaloxBoxes:

The "NaloxBox Classic" features an attractive clear front lid with NaloxBox graphics, a Velcro latch, a CPR mask for rescue breathes, gloves, instructions, and strapping to accommodate up to 4 doses of naloxone.

Naloxone reverses the deadly effects of opioid and opiate overdoses if given promptly enough and in adequate dosing. It can resolve extreme drowsiness, loss of consciousness, and slowed or absent breathing, The relief may be only temporary, and bystander use of naloxone should never substitute promptly accessing emergency medical care. Call 911. Connect the saved victim with addiction services and personal naloxone.

The CPR Pocket Mask Kit facilitates rescue breathing. The mask helps protect rescuers in an emergency situation, and is provided to help overcome any hesitation to start resuscitation. Packaged in a red hard case. May also be used with a resuscitator. 

The "NaloxBox Texts" version contains all the aforementioned items and also is equipped with a proprietary custom smart system so that each NaloxBox latch opening triggers a text message to the unit's owner signaling that an emergency has occurred on the premises, the date and time that the unit was opened, and communicates the need to inspect, and possibly restock the unit.


injectable formulation of naloxone

injectable formulation of naloxone

CPR mask

CPR mask

Custom smart cabinet design

Custom smart cabinet design



Rescuing opiate overdoses one box at a time

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Our Story

NaloxBox was born when Geoff Capraro, MD, MPH reached out to Industrial Design experts at the Rhode Island School of Design for help on how to best supply bystander rescuers with critical tools needed to save the lives of opiate overdose victims. Geoff worked initially with Professor Soojung Ham and two undergraduate students in Industrial Design via a Special Topic Studio course, and then with Dr. Claudia B. Rebola to design, develop and prototype NaloxBox. Together, they developed the design of NaloxBox, especially focusing on a high volume, low cost and smart deign of the NaloxBox cabinet. 

The first 84 NaloxBoxes were produced with the support of two mini-grants in Drug Overdose Prevention awarded to our team in 2017 by the RI Department of Health. Now NaloxBox seeks to improve bystanders' capacity to save lives beyond the mini-grant efforts and outside of RI by using our collaborative approach and innovative solution in other states badly affected by the epidemic, and in provinces and countries outside the U.S. similarly motivated to give overdose victims a second chance.