Do NaloxBoxes come stocked with the antidote drug named naloxone?

No. NaloxBox is neither a manufacturer nor distributor of medications. Each NaloxBox collaborator becomes the owner of the unit, is responsible for its stocking, proper use, maintenance, and must determine if the intra-muscular (shot) formulation or intranasal (nose spray) formulation is best for their setting. Then, they must purchase naloxone on their own, or seek assistance from donors or public health agencies to furnish it.

Where are the best places to install NaloxBoxes?

Some populations are at particular risk for opioid overdose. Our first installations targeted community agencies serving the homeless, the hungry, individuals transitioning from homelessness or prison, and individuals struggling with addiction. Installations now include more public-facing areas, including municipal facilities such as libraries and city halls.

Installations in public spaces with high foot-traffic, we hope, will raise awareness of naloxone rescue, reduce stigma, and build broader capacity to positively impact the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths.

Lastly, local, "front lines" knowledge of high opioid use areas and scientific, epidemiological modeling of high probability locations also should be used to strategically place NaloxBoxes.

How do I find a collaborators for installing NaloxBoxes, stocking them, and conducting trainings in my city/ town/ state/ province?

Many departments of health are highly energized to reduce the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths. In RI we found ready-made partners at the Naloxone Work Group of our Governor's Task Force and also through our coalition for the homeless. Find out who is engaged in naloxone distribution, community trainings, needle exchange, initiatives to open overdose prevention sites, or those providing drug addiction treatment in your locale. These people are passionate about what they do! If that person is not the best one, s/he will know who to reach out to next.

Are NaloxBoxes for sale?

Very soon!

The NaloxBoxes supported by the RI DOH all are being provided at no cost in RI- 28 more DOH-supported units are being installed, plus 10 additional sponsored units will be strategically deployed at no cost in RI. 36 more will be installed in Cincinnati at no cost mid-2018, funded by Dr. Rebola's U. of Cincinnati CUE grant.

Although NaloxBox's fall, two 2017 foundation grant applications for significant support were not funded, we continue to move with urgency to support the scaling of the NaloxBox solution.

An established non-profit with expertise in opioid education and naloxone distribution, disaster preparedness and response, and public health opioid responses now will take over NaloxBox operations.

Prices are being finalized so that we can start shipping to improve community rescue capacity very broadly.

Charitable donations to NaloxBox will be greatly appreciated, and will be received through our parent non-profit once this relationship is finalized. Your generous gift will help us scale this effort and will save lives!

Any other questions?

We welcome them at: naloxboxproject@gmail.com